About Cane Capital

Cane Capital Management was founded in 2007 with the mission to grow and preserve investor capital. For the past 16 years Cane has partnered with family offices, institutional investors and investment advisors to offer the firm’s core offerings.


Cane-Kensington Opportunity Master Fund

The Cane-Kensington Opportunity Master Fund integrates various time-tested models intended to generate consistent positive returns with low volatility and limited drawdowns.

  • Directional Managed Futures
  • Non-Correlated Assets
  • Tactical Equity & Fixed Income
  • Systematic Portfolio Management
  • Active Risk Management

Wetland Mitigation Banking

Wetland Mitigation Banking achieves two inherent goals of socially responsible investing: Social Impact and Financial Gain.

The purpose of wetland mitigation is to provide offsets to wetland impacts that are authorized by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) under the Clean Water Act.

Wetland Mitigation, through the establishment and management of Wetland Mitigation Banks, allows socioeconomic growth to occur by restoring wetlands as compensation for the loss.