Cane Global Macro Program

Firm Objective

Cane Capital Management was founded in 2007 with the objective to preserve investor capital in rising and falling markets.

Areas of FocusCaneGlobalMacroFund

  • Non-correlated, tactical strategies with a fraction of the market volatility
  • Implemented across equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities
  • Pursue more balance and less risk in diversifying investors portfolios
  • Focuses on getting the macro direction right
  • Combines multiple strategies to generate uncorrelated returns
  • Flexibility of trading strategies
  • Critical to controlling and reducing volatility within portfolios
  • Minimizing risk while seeking potential return

Strategy Competitive Opportunities:

  • Historically Low Volatility
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Multiple Alpha-Generating Models
  • Diversified Across Multiple Asset Classes
  • Long, short and neutral positions
  • Risk Budgeting